About trashfire

trashfire is an anti-lifestyle magazine for people who are not doing life, or style, very well.

Founded by two girls trying to tackle their twenties, and doing it very badly, trashfire is about celebrating our failures to make our lives look like those in traditional lifestyle blogs and magazines. trashfire is about how to get by against the constraints of money, employment, self-doubt, mental health, laziness, your disgusting bedroom and everything in-between.

The team

Molly Heath – Co-founder

standard picMolly is a 23-year-old communications professional with bad hair and a worse personality. Her hobbies and interests include comedy, music and generally just pottering around. She lives in East London with two friends, has a philosophy degree that she puts to no use and genuinely likes her job. trashfire is her first grown-up writing venture.

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Ruby Martin – Co-founder/Editor

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Ruby is a 24 year old journalist, writer, comedian, artist and “pleasure to work with” according to her therapist. When she’s not avoiding her job by writing/drawing silly stuff for the internet, she also runs Comical, a monthly arts and craft comedy night at the Star of Kings. Her hobbies include doing things for money, being available to go on your podcast and sewing.

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Jessica Edney – Co-Editor

71246113_1280058178832805_7812751622609567744_nJess is a 23 year old human hair dispenser who lives with her grandmother and studies sex and babies at university (MSc). Her interests include creative writing, dodging council tax and preparing vaguely edible meals in under 10 minutes. She can be awkward in several languages, very much including English.

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