We’re Back…And We Need Your Help

As I sat at lunch with my friends, I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. It couldn’t be, could it…?


We all turned and there, before our eyes was a bag of trash, but not just any old bag of trash. This trash was (genuinely) on fire.


Then I knew.

It was time to bring trashfire back.


(Also me and Molly accidentally paid for another year of WordPress, but that’s neither here nor there.)


Yes, you probably noticed we’ve been away for a while, living our lives (which roughly translates to getting evicted/moving in with our parents) but now we have returned to some sort of stability, we thought we’d get the ol’ site back up and running.


The thing is we love being able to provide an honest antidote to the overly aspirational lifestyle posts dominating the internet and also being able to provide new writers a platform to try stuff out. We’ve had everything from rapper rankings to queer support networks and we’d love to keep giving you guys that.


However being able to do that comes at a price.


Not only does the website itself cost, but we have to dedicate a lot of our spare time (we all have jobs outside of this) and we don’t like asking people to do stuff for free. Surprisingly, we haven’t had any offers from advertisers yet (come through Glossier?) so we ask that if you, our humble reader, has enjoyed any of the content we have provided so far that if you can spare even just the equivalent of a takeaway coffee that would be amazing. So many of you helped last year with all our amazing charity campaigns last year, and all the money you give will be put back into paying our staff just in time for Christmas (after all, who couldn’t do with a little Christmas bonus!).

trashfire badge


You can donate to our paypal here and if you donate over £6, you can receive your very own handmade trashfire badge, made by yours truly!

If you can’t afford to donate right now, please share this article and any of the articles you’ve loved to get the trash word out!


Ruby and the trashfire team



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