Donate a fancy coffee to the National Autistic Society

While we are trash as ever, we are also still trying to be good people. As part of that we are continuing our monthly charity initiative where we ask our beloved readers to donate towards a different cause each month. In particular we ask, if you can afford it, to donate approximately the amount of just one of those coffees that you know you spend too much on anyway, which is about £3 or so, although you can donate more or less.

With last week being World Autism Awareness Week, this month’s fundraiser is for the National Autistic Society. As well as being a wonderful charity providing outstanding services for people with autism, it’s also close to our hearts. Editor Molly’s brother Joseph was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome aged 3 Then, there was no knowing what the future would hold for him; whether he would go to mainstream school, would make friends or live independently.

Thanks to the right support, Joseph flourished and began university in September. However, not all children like Joseph have the support they need. The National Autistic Society helps bring support to 10,000 autistic people every year, giving them more space to grow in education, their communities and their homes.

Donate to this month’s fundraiser

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