Tattoo Stories: Em and the Flowers

With about one in five people having a tattoo these days, we at trashfire wanted to know what inspired people to get inked. Did all tattoos have deeper meaning or just looked sick? In this series, we interviewed people from all over to find out.

This week we spoke to Em, 23 is a librarian who lives in Falmouth, Cornwall and is the owner of this cool bouquet.


When did you get this tattoo?

  1. I got this tattoo a couple of months ago from my friend Martha ( She is a super talented artist and has been doing stick and poke tattoos for several years now. Martha is usually based in Paris but she was down for a while over summer so we met up and did the tattoo at her family home in Penryn, Cornwall. It was nice to just lounge on her couch in the sun sipping tea while we chatted and she tattooed.


Is this your first tattoo?

  1. Not by a long way! I’ve lost count of exactly how many tattoos I have but its over 20, maybe even over 30 at this point. This was only my second stick and poke tattoo though, my other have all been down with machines. This is my most recent and probably most special tattoo though.


Why this design?

  1.  This tattoo is one I’ve had planned for a long time. The collection of flowers all represent the strong women in my family. A rose for my mother, primroses for my Nana and daisies for my little sister. It’s been in my head for years but I didn’t know what sort of style I wanted it in and I knew I really wanted to be picky about who did it. Then I saw my Martha’s work and after getting a smaller piece by her I knew she was the one to do it. Her art style works so well with botanical designs and she did a wonderful job at designing this one. I decided to keep it as just black with some shading to really appreciate this simple beauty of it. It’s a nice contrast of all my other colourful tattoos. This tattoo means so much to me and I’m so glad I got it done by a friend who has a strong bond with her wonderful, strong mother too.



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