Tattoo Stories: Sin and the Pulse

tattoo heartrate pulse


With about one in five people having a tattoo these days, we at trashfire wanted to know what inspired people to get inked. Did all tattoos have deeper meaning or just looked sick? In this new series, we interviewed people from all over to find out.

This week, we spoke to Sin, 24, who is currently a cleaner in Falmouth and rocks this delicate piece.

Trigger Warning: contains mention of self-harm

tattoo heartrate pulse


 When did you get this tattoo? And where?

I got this tattoo when I was 20 years old so that would have been 2014. I got it in Living Canvas Tattoo parlour in Hayle, Cornwall.


Is this your first tattoo?

No, this was my 3rd tattoo out of 5. 


Why this design?

I got this tattoo as a symbol for my struggle with depression. In my late teens I used to be a self harmer and in the right light you can still see the scars from that. This tattoo reminds me that I’m still alive.

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