Donate a fancy coffee to Mind!

Hey, so we are back and still trash, however we are also still trying to be good people, as our content may or may not suggest, and as part of that we are continuing our monthly charity initiative where we ask our beloved readers (that’s you) to donate towards a different cause each month. In particular we ask, if you can afford it, to donate approximately the amount of just one of those expensive takeaway coffees that you know you spend too much on anyway, which is about £3 or so, although you can donate more or less. (We wouldn’t ask you to donate an actual cup of coffee to them, I’m not sure how useful that would be). You can also think of it as a meal deal, whatever suits you.

This month’s charity is MIND, a charity which provides advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem as well as campaigning to improve services, raise awareness and promote understanding.

We at trashfire figured this was a worthy cause as despite a (small) increase in mental health funding, services are still desperately stretched with patients unable to access timely help until their problems become more severe. Also, this time of year can cause more mental health problems with the financial stress of Christmas and the New year pressure of making ourselves “better” (whatever companies constitute that is). This means that any little help towards keeping us all healthy would be appreciated!


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