Donate a coffee to Shelter!

Hey, so we here at trashfire at trash. We know this. However we are trying to be better people, as our content may or may not suggest, and as part of that we are starting a new monthly charity initiative where we ask our beloved readers (that’s you) to donate towards a different cause each month. In particular we ask, if you can afford it, to donate approximately the amount of just one of those expensive takeaway coffees that you know you spend too much on anyway, which is about £3 or so. (we wouldn’t ask you to donate an actual cup of coffee to them, I’m not sure how useful that would be). You can also think of it as a meal deal, whatever suits you. Ultimately however, if you want to donate more or less that’s fine too!

This month’s cause is Shelter, a homing and homelessness charity which helps millions of people every year struggling with bad housing
or homelessness through advice, support and legal services as well as campaigning on these issues. This cause is close to my (Ruby) heart for two reasons:

1. When my parents separated, Shelter helped my mum find affordable housing for us where she otherwise would have been homeless.

2. So in recent news, a private landlord’s alliance has come out campaigning for people to boycott shops raising money for Shelter, due to the charity’s supposed “negative” depiction of private landlords a.k.a. #NotAllLandlords. Now I don’t know about you, but most private landlords I have encountered are on a scale of useless to vindictive so screw those guys, let’s raise more money for Shelter.

If you want to give money you can do so through our Paypal pool (which allows you to choose the amount) here


or if you can’t afford to donate, even just sharing our campaign would be valuable!

Thanks so much and we wish you all a merry Christmas!

(If you want to read this more on this stupid story, check it here )

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